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How can I make a nonce pair - generator key on my A12 device?
I'm using jailbroken XS 12.1. Now I want to make a nonce pair generator key to save shsh2 for future restore in the future but I don't know how to do. I saw tut on reddit but fail because error nvram can't unlock. Plz help me
To unlock the NVRAM you need tfp0. Once you have tfp0, you may be able to unlock the NVRAM and set generators, etc. But A12 uses nonce entanglement so the blobs aren't exactly useful for these devices CURRENTLY.

Reference: https://twitter.com/stek29/status/109325...13?lang=en

For now, you can follow these steps to save blobs:
1) Set the generator 
2) Reboot your device into recovery (RecBoot would do) -
3) Check your nonce with "irecovery -q | grep NONC" in Terminal
4) Kick out of recovery (RecBoot again)

You can now save nonces with both --generator and --apnonce.
Another question that if I use tsssaver tweak to save shsh blobs on my mobile but the generator key was 0x111.. default. I wonder if it is useful for future restore?

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