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Restart device and lose Unc0ver
iP 6s 12.1.2 and last new version Unc0ver.
Sometimes the device restarts and I need to connect to a computer and use a cydia impactor because the unc0ver app crash.This is a problem when I do not have access to a computer. Is the reason for the unstable JB can be tweaks ? I do not install them a lot ( list) maybe I should do a backup and restart all settings and JB install apps and tweaks again ? Any advise ?

It's probably crashing because of tweaks yeah. Do you pirate tweaks? That could be a reason. Other reasons could be incompatibilities or badly optimised code.
Main device: iPhone X - 11.4.1 Electra
For all my other jailbroken devices see https://www.theiphonewiki.com/wiki/User:YaYPIXXO
The list was too long for this lol
Most likely this is because unc0ver isn't signed anymore, if you don't want this to happen you should install ReProvision and auto-resign unc0ver.
I need check all install tweaks and delete the pirate one if there are. I always use a official repo to install tweaks and I have already install ReProvision since release.
I've seen this before, U0 does have weird issues sometimes where the application appears to no longer be signed after a restart or kernel panic. I found that ReProvision sometimes contributed to the issue, no idea why. My normal setup is either getting Unc0ver from AppValley or Ignition, or sign it manually every 7 days. I usually don't mess with automatic signing through tweaks.
Thx for reply Geo !
My ReProvision says: No aplications are expiring soon and no aplication are recently signed.
Other aplication and U0 is on the list and have 193 days, 8 hours (left to resign ?) don’t understand.
I remove current certificate of U0 and replaces with new one. Now U0 is on the list and corectly says 6 days, 23 hours. Anyway I try to do resign manualy.
Thanks again ! I’m your fun for a long time. Respect ! Wink

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