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ipad un jailbreak bug
My ipad (5th gen 2017) kept rebooting randomly when jailbroken on ios 12.4 with uncover, so I restored and updated it to ios 13.2. The bug is still happening, is it because I didn't resore rootFS on the uncover app before removing my jailbreak? Should I downgrade to ios 12.4 and get uncover to restore rootFS? I talked to apple support about just the crashes on ios 13 and he told me to buy a new ipad cause I have a logic board issue, but I only faced this bug after I jailbroke, but of course I didn't mention that lol. Appreciate any suggestions.
   Just checked diagnostics and it says I have a bug type 210, any fix?
Random reboots are often spotted with jailbreaks. It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. In many cases, it is because iOS does a weird thing where major parts of the system are restarted overnight thus nuking the jailbreak. It does that for performance purposes, but it interferes with Unc0ver.

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