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All Cydia-Installed Apps Crash, iOS 14.1, iPad 5th Gen
iPad 5th Gen with the A9 processor.
Model No:  MP2F2LL/A
IOS 14.1

I have searched, but I cannot find anything that is similar to my problem — some people have issues with Cydia itself crashing or specific apps that crash.  My issue is that Cydia runs fine, but NO apps that Cydia installs will run:

  • Jailbroken using Checkra1n 0.12.  No issues.
  • Installed Cydia from the Checkra1n app after jailbreak.
  • Cydia runs fine
  • All updates were performed on the initial start of Cydia.  No issues, warnings, or errors.
  • All areas of Cydia function well:  search, adding sources, installing apps, etc.  At no point are there any errors, warnings, crashing, etc.
  • I can install apps a simple as calculators up through RetroArch.  The installs all go fine and the corresponding app icons are displayed as I would expect.
  • Any app I download, however, fails to run.  All of them have the exact same behavior.  I click/push the app icon, the window opens as if the app were going to open, and then immediately it crashes. Again, this behavior is the same with EVERY app I install from within the Cydia environment.  No error messages are ever produced.
  • I can remove and reinstall these apps fine ... no errors there, either.
  • Everything seems to run perfectly ... but apps crash.
I have repeated the jailbreak process with the same results.

All I want to do is run free emulators on my old iPad through RetroArch.

Are there any steps I can take to remedy this?

Thank you.

[EDIT] I have played around with this some more without any success. I have used the Checkra1n installer to remove the jailbreak and restore my system to Apple factory. This works fine. I have then re-jailbroken my iPad a few times. No changes in any of the behaviors. Everything goes incredibly smoothly right up until I try to launch a Cydia-installed app.

I also noticed that if I power-cycle my iPad, it breaks everything. I’m talking about a full power down — hold the power button a few seconds until I get the System Off slider option. When it powers back up, the Checkra1n app is completely missing. It’s just gone. The Cydia app is still there. However, it crashes immediately. No errors, no warnings, no pop-up windows.

Is it possible that the 0.12 version of Checkra1n isn’t working with my system? Should I instead try v 0.11?


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