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iOS 13 / iOS 12.4.1 Chronic JAILBREAK Announced & Big CFW News
In today's video, we're discussing some very important news for the iOS Jailbreak community, at first coming from Tihmstar who has released a very important tool that allows us to patch iBEC and iBSS (part of the iOS bootchain) which is a required thing if you wanna build a CFW (Custom Firmware) for iCloud Bypass, Jailbreak, Downgrades or other purposes, and then from Linus Henze who has released a modified version of the checkm8 BootROM exploit (initially released by developer axi0mX), but Linus' fork supporting sending the modified iBSS and iBEC to the pwned DFU device for some devices. Chronic is also making a comeback if you remember the Chronic Dev Team and their greep0ison tools. 

Security researcher Will Strafach (Chronic) has asked a few days ago on Twitter if people would be interested in a fully stable jailbreak based on checkm8 bootrom exploit for all the supported devices (iPhone 4S all the way up to iPhone X), on all supported iOS versions (iOS 6 to iOS 13.x). The response has been huge and he said he'll provide more details soon. It's only been a couple of days since developer @axi0mX made history by releasing the very first iOS BootROM exploit in nearly 10 years, and tools that make use of it already start popping in. Of course, Apple knew about the vulnerability and newer devices such as 2018's iPhone XS iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max have the bug patched. So are 2019's iPhone 11 models.

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