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iOS 13.2 / 13.1.3 JAILBREAK (A12 Too) News: Cydia Impactor Broken & iOS 13.1.3 dead.
In this video, we're going to discuss some important changes for the Jailbreak community coming straight from Apple. Just a few hours ago Apple has unsigned iOS 13.1.3, iOS 13.1.2 and iOS 12.4.2 leaving only iOS 13.2 signed for the compatible devices. The change is important as there is currently no tfp0 kernel exploit or any kernel bug released for iOS 13.2, but there is a kernel bug released for iOS 13.1.3 and lower. It's very important to stay on the right version, especially if you have an A12 or A13 device (iPhone XS / XR or newer).

At the same time, Apple has changed something server-side which broke both ReProvision and #Cydia Impactor making it impossible to side-load IPA files on iOS until these are fixed. While the creator of ReProvision acknowledged the issue and said he will update his tool once he has time as he's currently traveling, for Cydia Impactor things aren't so good. It has to be updated by saurik because it is closed source, and since saurik hasn't been very active in the jailbreak community lately, it's kinda hard to tell when we'll get that update. Hopefully soon. Do not remove your signed Unc0ver / Chimera IPAs from the device for now. 

For those of you who have an iPhone X or lower, the CheckRa1n Jailbreak will be released tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and it will very likely support iOS 13.2, so no worries there. A12 and A13 people should wait for Unc0ver to be updated once tfp0 is available.

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shsh2 I have 12.4 record I wonder if it is possible Xs Max would like to make 13.1.2 turn right now

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