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iOS 13.2 / 12.x / 11 CheckRa1n JAILBREAK: How To Remove Unc0ver To Be Able To Switch
In this video, I am going to show you how to uninstall/remove the Unc0ver Jailbreak in preparation for switching to the CheckRa1n Jailbreak which will be released in just a couple of hours by the CheckRa1n team at the PoC (Power Of Community) 2019 in Seoul. This is going to be the first iOS Jailbreak based on a powerful BootROM exploit in 10 years, making it THE MOST powerful Jailbreak in existence for iOS.

Please do keep in mind that switching from Unc0ver is in no way mandatory; The Unc0ver is powerful and does its job well, and it also comes with a big advantage - it is semi-untethered compared to the semi-tethered #CheckRa1n which requires a computer to re-enable the jailbreak after a reboot. Of course, the CheckRa1n supports iOS 13, but you should keep in mind that it only works on iPhone X and lower. A12 and A13 devices such as the iPhone XS or the iPhone 11 are not supported by CheckRa1n.

Rumors have it that initially, the CheckRa1n will be macOS only, so I would not remove #Unc0ver just yet if you don't have a Mac or a macOS machine. Windows and Linux versions will come, but it may take some time.

As always, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to stay updated with the latest #iOS and #Jailbreak news, updates and tutorials!


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