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(Tutorial) How to install MacOS on an Intel based PC to use checkra1n.
Before I begin, I would like to state a sad fact:

Some hardware may not be natively compatible with OSX. You might have to find or add third party support. Though some versions of OSX may work with hardware that might not work with another. For some of you, this may be a long process of trial and error, and for others, it may work first try. However, just because it doesn't work, doesn't mean it won't work. Always start by checking if someone has created third party support or if there are known workarounds.

Next I would also like to point out that you may run into problems with Mojave or higher if you use an nVidia card. I suggest High Sierra or lower as solution.

I will update this thread with as much information and methods as I can when I have time.

Now for the tutorial :

Method 1:

Using Windows to create the installation media. And booting OSX recovery to install via internet.

We start by getting a USB key large enough to fit the OSX installer. Safely a 16gig stick can be used for any current OSX release. 

Then we will need a way to install clover to the USB key so we can load the OSX installer.
The easiest and most user friendly way is to download BootDiskUtility 


Open BDU as Admin


Select your USB drive and click format


Once complete, select DL Center and click the Update button to populate the Recovery list.
Wait until it is complete before continuing else it may generate errors.

When done, select your desired OS from the list and click DL


After the download is complete you will have a file ending in .hfs
Click the + next to your USB device in the list and select the second partition (by default BDU names it NONAME)
Now click Restore Partition and chose the .hfs file you downloaded.


Congratulations, you now have a bootable USB that loads Clover.

reboot your PC and hit your boot selection key or modify your CMOS to boot from USB first.

You should now be greated with the clover boot menu.

There may be additional configuration to get it to actually load OSX and I will get into that soon, for now, I encourage you all to visit the many forums dedicated to creating a Hackintosh. If you're lucky, it might work as is.

All the time I've got right now, good luck!

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Is there a minimum amount of storage needed in the USB?
(11-25-2019, 12:56 AM)ObviouslyAce Wrote: Is there a minimum amount of storage needed in the USB?

I recommend at least a 16 GB drive.
How can we run LIBUSB_DEBUG=3 environment variable on terminal to put device into pwned dfu mode?
Hi failbr34k,

Very good tutorial. I’ll try it out & feed back. I’ve been waiting for a checkra1n Windows version but I guess it’ll take sometime to be release.
(11-16-2019, 07:21 AM)failbr34k Wrote: Hi i have an error message ‘error writing to the file C:\user\***\AppData\Local\Temp\BDUTemp7650\RecoveryHD.pkg’ Any ideas please??
(12-18-2019, 12:51 PM)Pops092 Wrote:
(11-16-2019, 07:21 AM)failbr34k Wrote: Hi i have an error message ‘error writing to the file C:\user\***\AppData\Local\Temp\BDUTemp7650\RecoveryHD.pkg’ Any ideas please??

creo que debes iniciar con el modo administrador
esto ayudara a entender
I follow the instructions and everything goes well, then I try to boot and the Apple logo remains in the screen. I waited too long and nothing.. any suggestions??
de nada Wink

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