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iOS 13.0 / iOS 13.1 Beta NEW JAILBREAK Exploit Achieved & What This Means
In today’s video, we’re discussing the latest achievements and news in terms of iOS 13.0 Beta and iOS 13.1 Beta Jailbreaks. Just a few days ago, security researcher Luca Todesco has posted a demo of his #iOS 13.0 and iOS 13.1 Beta WebKit exploit being used to obtain remote code execution, local privilege escalation and code injection in two system applications on iOS. That is after back in June, he and Sparkey achieved Cydia on the first Beta of iOS 13. This goes to show that the iOS 13 still jailbreakable. Qwert and Sparkey have developed jailbreaks in the past, most notably Yalu Jailbreak by Luca Todesco (Qwerty) and Meridian Jailbreak by Sparkey, both for iOS 10. Both of them are very capable security researchers in our community.

A WebKit exploit is very useful especially for a Safari-based jailbreak, but since Qwerty was able to gain local privilege escalation with it, it could be useful for a #jailbreak for more than a simple vector. I will keep you updated as more info gets published about this exploit. At any rate, it’s advised that you stay on iOS 12 until iOS 13 gets released officially this month because it’s still unstable.

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