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Tweaks not showing up on homescreen

IPhone: XS MAX
Version: 12.4
Jailbreak: unc0ver

I'm having an annoying issue at the moment with my phone not showing the tweaks on my home screen. When I jailbroke my phone, I went to install Anemone first and it installed and springed successfully, but the icon did not appear on the homescreen, nor in settings. So, I'm thinking "how do I use the tweak if I can't access it since it's not showing up". And, I thought maybe it was that tweak and it needed to be updated, I don't know. So, I went to go install another one called Asteroid, and the same issue happend. It does not show up on the home screen and I cannot access it. Although, I just installed AppList and RocketBootstrap, and has soon as I re-sprunged, I was brought with a setup screen for Asteroid. And, so I'm thinking "Yay! It works, let me set this up and I'll see the icon on my home screen now" but nope...still nothing. I'm a noob to all this and I apologize if I'm over-exaggerating something that is super easy to fix lol. 

What i have installed:


I saw Geo recommend someone to install Cephei but It doesn't show up in the search results.


Just found out how to get Cephei, I went to packix repo and installed it from there. Now, I installed Anemone and the icon appeared! Now, I'm doing a hard reset and going to re-jailbreak, then going to re-install Asteroid to see if that icon appears.


Asteroid tweak icon still doesn't appear, I uninstalled Anemone due to some error I was getting. I went to go install snowboard, and it installed successfully. It showed snow fall but still no icon on the homescreen nor in settings. I have no clue what to do...


I had to upgrade PreferenceLoader and the tweaks finally showed up in settings! I'm not sure if they are only for settings and not shown on the homescreen but I'm glad its working now!

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