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Tweaks not appearing in settings
So it's a fresh jailbreak on my XS Max 12.4 and the tweaks I install won't show up in my settings. I'm wondering whether it's just due to lack of support on A12 but I've come here just to be sure.

I've tried reinstalling PreferenceLoader but still to no avail.

Thanks in advanced.
Try to also install Cephei as many tweaks need it.
Add and install AppList, RocketBootstrap and PreferenceLoader.
(09-22-2019, 10:11 PM)GeoSn0w Wrote: Try to also install Cephei as many tweaks need it.

That worked in getting the tweaks working however they're still not showing in settings
He is having the same issue as me, I have also updated both ROcketBootstrap and PreferneceLoader. I just tried to install AppList but it did not change the outcome. Some reason there is still an issue showing tweaks in the settings.
This is now fixed! An update has just been released for RocketBootStrap and PreferenceLoader
Great! Everyone update your RocketBootstrap and PreferenceLoader

Im using an iPhone XR and Ive just jailbroken and reinstalled preferenceloader rocket bootstrap and applies but the tweaks still doesn't show in the settings. Pls advise Smile
Install Cephei too, and make sure Preference Loader is from Ryan Petrich's repo not BigBoss
(09-22-2019, 11:05 PM)GeoSn0w Wrote: Install Cephei too, and make sure Preference Loader is from Ryan Petrich's repo not BigBoss

Hi Sir,

I’ve tried the above as advised but the tweaks still don’t show in the settings (floating dock/ chromahomebarx). I’m thinking to re-jailbreak. I’ve seen on reddit that unselecting ‘load tweaks’ on unc0ver before jailbreaking would help. Do advise if that is the case. Thanks!!!

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