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Pretty Bad News for the JAILBREAK Community and CORELLIUM (Virtual iOS Devices)
In today's video, we have pretty bad news to discuss for the #Jailbreak community on iOS and about the Corellium virtual iOS / iDevice emulation software. As you probably know, Corellium was a very useful piece of software in the development of the Unc0ver Jailbreak as the developers behind Unc0ver were able to test Unc0ver using #Corellium on multiple iOS versions and multiple iDevices. The platform itself provides real iOS virtual machines for developers and security researchers. The platform has a plethora of tools one can use to perform debugging, logging, testing, and whatnot. However, yesterday Apple decided enough is enough and decided to sue Corellium for various reasons related to the platform.

Corellium is being sued for copyright infringement as well as other reasons. The lawsuit is publicly available and has been posted by news outlet MacRumors as part of their article covering the news about Corellium being sued. This is definitely bad news for jailbreak developers, because without Corellium, testing and debugging will have to go back to physical devices one has to purchase and since Jailbreak development requires testing on multiple devices, it won't exactly be easy. Corellium was used in the past to easily find vulnerabilities by Coolstar / Umanghere back on iOS 11, so losing Corellium is indeed a great loss for the infosec and the jailbreak community, however, Apple does have some points in the lawsuit, which I invite you to check out.

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