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Cydia icon missing
IPhone 8+ iOS 12.4 unc0ver 3.5.2

I installed iconizer 2 and my Cydia icon disappeared. So, I uninstalled iconizer 2 and re-jailbreaking. Still no cydia icon. Then I reinstalled unc0ver 3.5.2 and chose restore FS. Then I jailbreaked again with unc0ver 3.5.2. My cydia app is on my iPhone; I can start it from spotlight fine. But the Cydia icon just will not return. Any ideas?

Sorry, not iconizer! My bad. It was iconator 2 for iOS 11&12
Well, I got my own answer. I deleted all files that had Cydia in the file name. I then deleted uncOver and reinstalled it. Suprisingly even this didn’t work. So, I did a system restore of my iPhone to a recent backup prior to ever installing UC 3.5.2 and iconator2. I installed UC 3.5.2 yet again and iconator2. This time my Cydia icon stuck around and is on my home screen.
Usually, when this happens, I suggest using Unc0ver's ROOT FS Restore. It's safe and does the trick.

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