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iOS 12.3.1 / 12.4 / 12.3 "Untethered JAILBREAK" DEBUNKED & Explained
In today's video, we're discussing another jailbreak "tool" brought to my attention by a concerned viewer, a website called "Jail-iOS Jailbreak" which allegedly has an iOS 12.4 / 12.3 Untethered Jailbreak available. Now, as the title implies, this is yet another fake jailbreak website meant to target the newcomers in the jailbreak community who aren't exactly aware which are the right sources for legit news and tools related to iOS Jailbreaking, so I decided to make another #debunk video to ensure my viewers are informed.

iOS 12.4 has been privately jailbroken with Cydia,  but there is currently no real iOS 12.4, iOS 12.3.1 or iOS 12.3 Jailbreak released. Any website stating that there is one and asking you to install some application in order to get it is pure fake info. Here on the channel, I keep you updated daily with the latest news and developments in the jailbreak community so that you know when a new exploit is available, whether it can be used for a jailbreak, when a jailbreak is available and how to jailbreak. Until you see a video on this channel about iOS 12.4 jailbreak being released, no jailbreak is available.

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