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iPhone Xr update from 12.4 to 13.3
So I have my saved blobs for 13.3 but haven’t been able to find a solid answer as to whether I can update to 13.3 from 12.4 that I’m currently jailbroken on with unc0ver.

I do see that my phone isn’t compatible on the futurerestore github, but that leaves me with the question of how I was able to save blobs in the first place for my Xr if if is not possible to downgrade/upgrade?

I have ran into a tweet that says I’m not able to update because the SEP is different for iOS 12 vs 13. But this also leaves me with the question can I not just update to 13.3.1 and then downgrade using my saved blobs?

Send help... thanks in advance
Same, i  im on 12.2 and have my blobs but i dont see a solid tutorial. i see ones for downgrades but not upgrades.... @Geo can you help please.
I am currently jailbroken on a12 iOS 12.4 and apparently my APnonce changed between the time I saved my blobs and now. Since I am still jailbroken can I maunally set my APnonce to what it was before?
Hi there, i have saved blobs for 12.4 for A12, is there any way i can use future restore to downgrade or i have to be jailbroken on A12 to restore custom ios.
Thank You

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