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iOS 16.0 - 16.6 b1 Install REAL TWEAKS Without JAILBREAK! All Devices Supported. (New MISAKA 2.5.1)
In today's video, we have some very good news to discuss. A brand new version of Misaka Package Manager was released (v2.5.1). Misaka allows you to install real tweaks/customizations and icon packs for your device, thus allowing you to install themes and tweak the UI of your device even without jailbreak. Misaka Supports iOS 16.0 all the way up to iOS 16.6 Beta 1. iOS 16.5.1 is not supported. Misaka works on all modern A12+ devices, including iPhone 14.

Jailbreaking your device is legal thanks to a DMCA exemption granted in 2012 and updated in 2015 which makes jailbreaking your device perfectly fine. With a jailbreak, you can customize the look and feel of your device's UI even further by installing themes, custom icons, custom fonts, animations, and tweaks.

IMPORTANT: This video is provided for informational, research, and news purposes. Jailbreaking is free and legal as per DMCA 2015. Please use jailbreaking tools responsibly.

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~ GeoSn0w

More info about Misaka | DO NOT use Misaka from Cowabunga-Lite. It's fake.


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