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iOS 14.7.1 - 14.0 JAILBREAK News: New Google Project Zero Exploit RELEASED! + Major Security Issue!
In today's video, we're having both good news and bad news coming from Google Project Zero, particularly from Ian Beer. A brand new iOS vulnerability has been released for iOS 14.7.1 and lower on all devices, and it was very well documented. So much so, that it's likely useful for a jailbreak if a bit weird in implementation. However, the issue is the vulnerability itself. It is an iMessage 0-Click that was used in the wild before.

The vulnerability itself is extremely complicated and powerful. Google Project Zero does a great job explaining all the important bits and pieces, however, this vulnerability requires no user interaction whatsoever which makes it very bad news for security on iOS 14.7.1 and lower, especially now that the techniques are public. It was first patched by Apple in iOS 14.8. Whether it can be used or not in Unc0ver Jailbreak or in Taurine Jailbreak remains to be seen.

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~ GeoSn0w


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