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iOS 13.x / iOS 12.x / iOS 11 DOWNGRADE: FutureRestore + CheckM8 Updated + MORE
In this video, we're tackling the topic of iOS #downgrades, following a few important updates to #FutureRestore by developer @tihmstar. He has recently updated FutureRestore with Odysseus64 support to be able to use the CheckM8 exploit to downgrade to any iOS version on the compatible devices (iPhone X all the way down to iPhone 4S and everything in-between).

However, the research hit a snag when @tihmstar realized the saved APTicket still won't do because you don't know the generator that made that apticket in the first place. He also was quick to point out that SEP and Baseband compatibility plays a crucial role in iOS downgrades, so in this video, I decided to explain why is that, and what are the SEP and the Baseband anyways.

Understanding the limitation imposed by SEP and Baseband upon iOS downgrades would help people save their SHSH2 blobs properly and understand what downgrades can and cannot be done.

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