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iOS 12.4 / 12.0 New RootlessJB JAILBREAK & NEW Cydia Alternative (Saily) RELEASE
In today's video, we have three main topics to discuss. At first, a new important update to the iOS 12.0 - 12.4 RootlessJB Jailbreak has been released by Brandon Plank, a new Cydia Alternative / Package Manager called Saily has been released, and iOS 12.4 has been unsigned by Apple yesterday morning, so downgrading to it is no longer possible. We discuss all these in today's video.

The new package manager is a nice addition because it also supports #RootlessJB which previously had no package manager of its own. In fact, a version of RootlessJB has been released by Lakr, the creator of Saily which can have the Saily package manager by just installing the secondary #Saily IPA over it. Saily looks stunning with its #iOS 12 design and the repos work smoothly and with no issues. A fair comparison would be with Sileo, rather than Cydia, as the design is very new and very nice.

Please do keep in mind that although RootlessJB is not detectable by most apps that have jailbreak detection, it is still a developer-oriented jailbreak which may not be as easy to use as Unc0ver or Chimera. User's caution is advised.


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