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iCloudfixer - cydia app - fix bypass related issues SIM,etc...
add this repo:

search icloudfixer
access through settings.
Devices ? 5c work ? ?‍♂️?
Can someone please explain this more
I used it on an iPhone 8+ - the SIM card now connects to 'a network' but with no name and data doesn't 'flow'

I suspect you would need to copy the files from an exact same phone or exact same network (for the iCloud bypassed phone) to get anything to work properly.

Nice to see work being done on 'non-stolen' iCloud bypassed phones - Apple should only protect stolen/lost mode phones
Not work to me

to tell you the truth after using I can't log in anymore

used to use it to fix 1000% App Store!NdogSCKQ!9pp5H3oakcgfe...iIFWejK5zA


Apple Store solution?‍♂️

I tried to use to fix the login icloud but for this I will need the files of the device unlocked same

if someone wants to help me without having to format my device because now I can no longer enter the appstore
For my iPhone 7 bypass smoothly done and insert the new sim it shows bars and LTE but not the carrier name, i'm sure someone will figure this out soon and help us all out with call and data working Wink
There is a working method coming by apple tech 752. No ETA but there is one guy named minachris who have a working method but he is selling this method. Apple Tech 752 is finding a way to make it available to everyone! you can check out his twitter for more info

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