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iCloud Keychain (unc0ver A12)
It seems the iCloud keychain is broken for me after jb'ing my A12 device. Is this a known issue or just me and something's screwed up?
Purchasing from the app store seems broken too ;x
This hasn't been reported before. Reboot, do a ROOT FS Restore and try again.
That seemed to work. Fixed both issues. Thanks!
(09-22-2019, 11:27 PM)Jekal Wrote: That seemed to work. Fixed both issues. Thanks!

Doing that fixed it for me as well as the gps, unfortunately after a couple of hours, and re installing tweaks, rebooting and re jailbreaking a few times I’m having the same issue with keychain and gps as well. I also can’t access my card information for my Apple Card from the wallet app. It just won’t bring up the Face ID prompt to open these options.

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