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iCloud Bypass-Tool
hi everyone i am new to the group however i have been trying to make my own iCloud lock tool.
Sorry I don't speak English. I'm writing through the translator. I managed to get the activate_record and the device marks status Activated previously, FactoryActivation marked me. Only it is difficult for me to make the phone turn off and on without the need for jailbreak.
I have already tried for a long time to find methods but I cannot know which one is correct. I was thinking that part of the device files would need to be modified to achieve this. Since I have a bit of Familiarization with Hackintosh. But I still can't do any method that has helped me in installing this one.
Previously in my code I modified only the order in which it was going to be executed and thanks to this I managed to activate FaceTime however I had a big error and I modified that code trying to add more in order to be able to enable in iMessage Now I could not re-enable FaceTime haha ​​I activated the device through the mobile activation patch However I have much more code to try to enable the other options I do not know if the device has to enable without using this patch since I was thinking and previously this patch did not exist and there were developers who had managed to activate the device. It may be that this is the fault I have, or the truth is, I don't know what I can do, if someone can help me I would be very grateful and I would gladly share the complete method.
PS: Files used
chflags ..... plist
empty.plist (No knowledge to implement it)
root.plist (No knowledge to implement it)
.dylib + .plist
T.E.Stuff.dylib + .plist
launchctl / LaunchDaemons
localhost + .php

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