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When Can a12 Users expect a fix for all issues?
Like the title says when can we expect an update on Unc0ver? It's been quite a few days and Coolstar went through the same issues with the camera and gps bug... at least though 2 need to be fixed immediately...   I mean if he did it within like a day or 2 why is it taking the unc0ver team so long to even push out releases that fix things issue by issue.. I almost cant even use my phone at work because it requires the camera! I've also got lost several times recently and my phone can't even determine m location so maps is broke even google maps is broke because the location in system itself is broken...

Guess I saw on twitter he was working on fixes supposedly to be pushed that night but im not trying to be mean or anything but when can we expect to start seeing fixes? Because I might have to go back to chimera while this all gets sorted out in the meantime... which i really dont wanna do..

I guess an overall update would be nice. Thanks!
Pwn20wnd doesn’t like ETAs, so we can say soon because he’s working on fixes but we can’t say it more exactly. You can follow him on twitter and see their work. That’s the best way to be aware of everything about unc0ver ??

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