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Unc0ver JAILBREAK VERY Important Update: Substitute Updated With Jetsam Memory Stability Fixes!
In today's video, we have an important update for both Unc0ver Jailbreak and CheckRa1n Jailbreak. The #Unc0ver Team has pushed an update to Substitute, the core component of both jailbreaks in order to add more options for the known Jetsam issue and for overall memory performance.
It's an important update which you should definitely install right away.

Jetsam is what keeps the memory in check on iOS, and if a process (an App, a Tweak, etc.) starts using way too much memory causing the system to become unstable, Jetsam would terminate that app. Many people, however, complain that they have a lot of crashes related to Jetsam on Unc0ver, but not only. The options added to Substitute which is basically the engine behind tweaks on Unc0ver and CheckRa1n should help mitigate these issues.

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~ GeoSn0w


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