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Says not in DFU mode but I am on DFU mode (iphonex)
i downloaded img4tool from https://github.com/tihmstar/img4tool.git but once i downloaded it, the img4tool is a folder and not a unix file? can anyone help me? im watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA5pogxROks&t=29sand he has his img4tool as a unix file and not a folder. i downloaded a separate img4tool that was compiled and it seems to be a unix file.. i followed the instructions on the video using chmod 775 and dragging and dropping the img4 and the img4tool. and after that, i changed the directory and did cd and dragged the pwndfu-master folder into the terminal. once i dragged it in the terminal i did ./ipwndfu -p to run it right? so after i run it i usually get an error. its supposed to say, "device is already in pwned DFU Mode" but mine says it's not in the DFU mode when i got it in the dfu mode... the video also says that if the itunes recovery mode thing pops up, you're in recovery mode and your screen would be black. So I am certain that i'm in the DFU mode but it tells me that i'm not in the DFU mode, please help!
discord : lil shroom#3973 (please add me on discord)

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