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Problem Going to 8.4.1
Hi, as you all know, I am Comet!, My downgrade tool is finished but I am running into a error that I only seem to be getting on my iPhone 5 GSM on iOS 10.3.3. When the OTA appears everything goes great until I am stuck on Estimating time remaining. I have already tried restoring via iTunes and reseting on-device. Nothing seems to be working. Can anyone shed any light on this topic? (EDIT) After days of testing, I figured it out myself. For anyone else having this issue, Before you install any sort of downgrade tweak, go to the App Store and install a VPN, after install the tweak, restart and connect to VPN. Go to settings and it should fix any issue that you are having! Have a nice day everyone. Hoped this you, or someone else. This was a really big pain to figure out lol.

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