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Not really a downgrade but I thought it fits here, I need to upgrade from 12.1.2 to 13.3
I have an iPhone 7Plus (9,2) on ios 12.1.2 and want to update to 13.3 I have blobs that I saved on tssaver. How do I do this? I don't have a mac but I have a laptop that currently dual boots windows 10 and kali Linux and I can install any distro natively if kali isn't really supported. I've tried hackintoshing but I have a non optimus rtx card so that's not possible. The only way I can possibly run macOS is through a VM which although is painfully slow but I'm willing to do that if neccessary
You need to use the latest sep and baseband from 13.3.1 and then set the shsh2 generator but i have not tried doing this.
I have read that only certain blobs work using the wrong shsh2 blobs wont work apperantley.
Apperenatly you need specific blobs to set the generator they are as follows:

For A9 chips and below use these blobs and generators

set generator to 

set generator to

set generator to

set generator to

set generator to
0xedeeb72d7575e360For A10 chips and above15400076bc4c35a7c8caefdcae5bda69c140a11bce870548f0862aac28c194cc 
set generator to

set generator to

set generator to

Not sure if this helps so let me know if it works.
First you will want to set your nonce. I was on 13.3.1 so I set the nonce differently than you. You may set your nonce in unc0ver (where I did this using a jailbreak tweak and mobile terminal)

Secondly you are going to want to manually specify your SEP and Baseband and Buildmanifest in terminal when using futurerestore. Do this by downloading the 13.3.1 ipsw. (We used to be able to use a website to extract these files but the website I have used in the past doesn't seem to support ipsw files anymore). So do this manually by downloading the 13.3.1 ipsw from theiphonewiki or ... once you download the 13.3.1 ipsw you go to the file and change the file name from .ipsw to .zip. Then extract the zip file and open the folder. Open the folder and click on the firmware folder. Then click on the all_flash folder. Scroll down til you see the files that start with SEP....(this is important copy the correct sep for you device model identifier. In my case it was n71ap yours will be different. It is the im4p file not the plist file). Copy and paste the correct .im4p file into your futurerestore folder. Now you'll want to get the baseband file. This file is in the firmware folder right when you open the firmware folder and you'll see the .bbfw file and that's your baseband file so copy and paste it into the the futurerestore folder next the sep file. Now you'll need the Buildmanifest file. It is the plist file right after you click on the 13.3.1 restore firmware folder. Copy and paste the Buildmanifest plist file next to your sep and baseband files in your futurerestore folder.

download iRestore for windows you can get it on github.

Drag your sep baseband and build manifest and 13.3 ipsw files to iRestore and click start and good luck

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