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Iphone 11 IOS 13.3 SHSH Blobs help
(02-12-2020, 07:42 PM)Nutta121 Wrote:
(02-07-2020, 03:43 PM)Wayne Wrote: No problem let me know how it goes.

Wayne im a little confused as to what i am actually supposed to be doing here with your instructions...

i have tried following the video you posted up on a later post than mine and none are working, i cannot find the windows version on github as mentioned in video and only has MacOSX

i dont understand why TSSSaver hasnt been updated to allow for Iphone 11 users to save blobs and as time is getting on its nearing closer to the cut off time for signing and im no closer to saving my blobs Sad

Ok follow this info

You need to find libmobiledevice for windows not sure where i got mine from sorry but follow these instructions and then use tssaver website and use the Manually specify an apnonce (ADVANCED USERS ONLY)
this will save your shsh2 blobs.

NOTE: This only works for the devices supported on that site.
See below if your device is not supported.

Extact libmobiledevice then open a cmd as admin and change to the directory
Then type in these commands


Look for "UniqueDeviceID" in the output.
Text after ": " is your UDID. You may need to trust your PC on your iPhone for this to work.
If you don't know your ECID it's the "UniqueChipID", your model is "ProductType".

ideviceenterrecovery UDID
Replace UDID with your UDID from above.

irecovery -q
Look for "NONC" in the input, this is your APNonce (the text after "NONC: ")

irecovery -n - This will reboot you back to the non-recovery mode.

The APNonce will change at every boot no matter wether your in recovery mode or dfu or normal.
Oh and check your blobs because only certain ones work.
So far i have found these that need the APNonce Generating setting for certain blobs.

APPNONCE = 15400076bc4c35a7c8caefdcae5bda69c140a11bce870548f0862aac28c194cc
GENERATOR = 0xbd34a880be0b53f3

APPNONCE = 833e50b9c6a4fbfbdc51144a60b4cf25be3a0a4742ca2b7bd6f5ec06905443ac
GENERATOR = 0x9d0b5b5ff92fff23

APPNONCE = d8f682df87d812c372491b613d59795a80383f439587c0bb511ccf6865eb87cc
GENERATOR = 0x4bb8834ba6444b50

These work on any iphone from 7 or above but not below iphone 7.
So add them to the site and save them too.

Use this site if tssaver site does not list your device and add the above APPNoces and thier relevant Generators.

Try here for libmobiledevice files.
Not sure they will work or not but worth a try.

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