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Interview / Podcast With AppValley (++Apps / No Computer Jailbreak Platform)
In this video, we have a special guest, one of the main AppValley developers. AppValley is a Cydia alternative for ++Apps and tweaked apps on iOS. A third-party App Store if you want. He's here today to answer some of the questions that you've left on Twitter, and we're also having a special giveaway :-)
This podcast is based on the questions you've left on Twitter. Some of you were curious about the hurdles AppValley had to overcome to remain an active service, some of you were curious about the personal life of the developers behind it. We hope that through this interview you'll get to know better the platform you might have been using for a while to get your iOS ++Apps, tweaked apps and No Computer Jailbreaks like Electra Jailbreak, Unc0ver Jailbreak, Chimera Jailbreak,  for iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 10 and so on.

If you like this video, I might do more interviews in the future with other jailbreak developers and tweak developers in the community. As always, your feedback is appreciated and you can put it in the comments section down below. Do not forget to vote your favorite question in this interview, as part of our giveaway. The best question will be rewarded by #AppValley. More information about this can be found on the pinned thread in the comments section below.


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