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How to support Unc0ver Jailbreak Development
Why would I donate?

Developing a jailbreak for the latest iOS versions is never an easy task.
Developing a jailbreak the size of Unc0ver is hard as hell, takes a lot of hours of hard work and it has to be done absolutely right because otherwise instability, crashes, and other glitches may creep in.

Of course, Unc0ver Jailbreak is maybe the most complex tfp0 kernel exploit-based jailbreak in the modern iOS Jailbreak history and it comes with great support for a large variety of iOS versions from iOS 11 all the way up to iOS 13 on most Apple devices. It takes an awful amount of time to get this done, and even more to fix what Apple is constantly trying to break, such as patches, workarounds and other components that make Unc0ver so powerful.

Unc0ver Team also needs devices to test on and to develop on, so that we can ensure support for the latest and greatest.


You can help the development and make sure Unc0ver gets updated and receives the interest you want it to receive from the developer by donating a small amount that helps keep this going. Here are the official PayPal and the official Patreon links.

* Of course, donations are not mandatory, but they DO help A LOT the development. 

PayPal donation:

[Image: paypal-1.png]


[Image: patreon-me.png]

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