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How to Update Cydia Impactor to the latest version
As you are probably aware, Cydia Impactor is a closed source multi-platform program developed by saurik (Jay Freeman), the same developer behind Cydia and Cydia Substrate. We rely on this piece of tool to be able to sideload iOS Applications from outside the iOS AppStore to the device using Free or Paid Apple Developer accounts. An Apple Developer Account can be absolutely any normal Apple ID used for downloading AppStore apps. You just have to enroll it into the Developer Portal which is Free if you need limited features (the free one cannot publish new apps into the AppStore). 

Cydia Impactor uses your Apple ID to be able to sign and deploy to the device your iOS applications that come in the .IPA format. This is useful if you wanna install modified / third-party iOS Apps that would not be available in the AppStore, but it's much more useful if you wanna deploy a Jailbreak application such as Unc0ver, Electra, Chimera, Osiris, Yalu, or other such Jailbreak tools, depending on the iOS version you are on.

From time to time, Cydia Impactor gets updated by Saurik (mostly to fix bugs or to add compatibility with newer major iOS version releases such as iOS 12.0, iOS 13.0, etc.).
If you do not update your Cydia Impactor, but you update your iOS, you may experience weird errors when you try to deploy an app. To update your Cydia Impactor you'll need to follow the steps below:

Method 1: 
1) Open your current Cydia Impactor
2) Navigate to Impactor -> Check For Update
3) A window will pop-up. If there's a new update, it will be downloaded and installed. Otherwise, you will be told the version you have is up to date.

Method 2:
1) Remove the Cydia Impactor you currently have.
2) Head to Cydia Impactor Website
3) Download the appropriate package for your OS (Windows, macOS or Linux)
4) Open the file. It is the latest available Cydia Impactor.

Keeping Cydia Impactor up to date is important to avoid multiple and severe errors during iOS App deployment.

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