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How To JAILBREAK iOS 14.7 With Cydia And Tweaks Working (Full Guide) on All Pre-A12 Devices
In this tutorial, I will show you step by step, how to jailbreak iOS 14.7, iOS 14.6, and so on all the way down to iOS 14.0 on pre-A12 devices with Cydia and Tweaks working. I will also show you how to un-jailbreak when you no longer need the tweaks.

To do this, we're using a jailbreak called checkra1n which although wasn't updated yet, still works fine with iOS 14.7 which was released a few days ago by Apple. iOS 14.7's security content isn't currently available, but checkra1n supports it without any update needed. Just make sure you enable untested iOS in checkra1n, and toggle on the "Skip A11 BPR check" if you try to jailbreak iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

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~ GeoSn0w


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