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Dopamine JAILBREAK IMPORTANT Update RELEASE! Stability Fixes ALL A12 - A15 & M1 Devices Supported!
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In today's video, we're discussing the Dopamine Jailbreak which was released officially a few days ago by developer opa334, and it works on iOS 15.0 up to iOS 15.4.1 on A12+ devices, which means it supports iPhone XS, XR, and newer, including iPhone 13. The jailbreak has just received a brand new update, version 1.0.3 which adds stability improvements and fixes memory leaks.

Dopamine Jailbreak is now a fully usable public jailbreak for iOS 15.4.1 and lower on all modern devices. It comes with Sileo, Zebra, Procursus Bootstrap, and ElleKit for tweaks. The jailbreak also seems to receive more and more tweak updates from developers willing to support the new rootless jailbreak format.

IMPORTANT: This video is provided for informational, research, and news purposes. Jailbreaking is free and legal as per DMCA 2015. Please use jailbreaking tools responsibly.

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~ GeoSn0w


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