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Common Jailbreak Questions
Here is a list of the most commonly asked iOS Jailbreak questions. You may check here before posting. If you cannot find your question in here, please feel free to make a post :-)

Q: Are Sileo and Cydia the same thing?
A: No. Sileo and Cydia are both package installers used to install tweaks and themes, but they are different applications developed by different groups. Sileo is relatively new. Cydia has been going on since 2007, but it's no longer actively maintained by saurik, its original developer. Newer forks of Cydia are being made to support newer jailbreaks and iOS versions by third-party developers. In terms of technical usability, both Cydia and Sileo do the same thing - install packages.

Q: Can I downgrade from (insert version here) if I have the blobs for (insert old unsigned version here)?
A: Most likely not. Downgrades with SHSH blobs are possible after a version is unsigned, but only if you are on a version for which we have a tfp0 kernel exploit so that you can set the nonce. Even then, SEP, Baseband and possibly other components have to be compatible from a version to another. iOS 12's SEP and Baseband is not compatible with iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 or older. In fact, iOS 12.3.1's SEP, for example, is not compatible even with iOS 12.0, so the range is quite limited.

Q: Why do we need to wait for tfp0 Kernel exploit?

A: The tfp0 kernel exploits are necessary for jailbreak development because tfp0 grants us read and write privileges over Kernel's memory thus allowing us to apply jailbreak patches such as Sandbox escapes, root privilege escalations, ROOT FS remount, CodeSign bypass and other patches required to make a fully functional jailbreak.

Q: Is jailbreaking legal?
A: Yes. 2012 and 2015 DMCA exemptions make Jailbreaking your iOS device legal, however, Apple may deny servicing a jailbroken device. One can, however, restore the device or remove the jailbreak before bringing the device for service.

More to come!

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