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Apple LOST Corellium Lawsuit! HUGE WIN For The JAILBREAK Community Today! (Explained)
In today's video, I am glad to tell you that Apple has lost the lawsuit against the iOS virtualization company, Corellium. For those unaware, Corellium has been around for a few years now and they've developed the first full solution for real iOS virtualization (NOT a simulator). This tool was used by security researchers as well as Jailbreak Developers to find vulnerabilities or test various jailbreak tools, including Unc0ver.

Apple, of course, was not happy about it. At first, Apple tried to buy the Corellium company, which failed. Then, they decided to sue Corellium for copyright infringement. The lawsuit took a long time but we finally have the result: Apple has lost. Corellium remains active and working, to the benefit of the security researchers and jailbreak developers. It's a historic win for the Jailbreak community and it goes to show that Jay Freeman (saurik) who has also sued Apple a few weeks ago, may have a chance after all.

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~ GeoSn0w


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