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13.3 Bypass App by ShiftKey
I don't have windows and on my crappy Mac Parallels it's slow but according with the tweets looks legit.

Probably GeoSnow can work with this guy for a workaround for the bugs he have and make it for Mac?

QUICK EDIT: I just test it on parallels and I actually was able to bypass on iOS 13.3, it have some bugs like there's no home button, neither the assistive touch works. so you need to plug to the computer to use it, neither the power button works.

looks like all the third party apps can't be launched and the rotation and volume buttons neither, but probably there's a solution?
mount -o rw,union,update /
echo \" >> /.mount_rw
chmod 0000 /Applications/
uicache -a
killall backboardd
/Applications/ &
killall PreBoard
sometimes do the last 3 lines again
killall backboardd
/Applications/ &
killall PreBoard
this gets to the home screen of the springboard but no working apps

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