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How to use the Checkm8 BootROM Exploit (iPwnDFU) on iOS 8 up to iOS 13.1.1
[font][font]¿Por qué no funciona en iphone 6s plus?[/font][/font]
Will there a CheckM8 install manager using Windows in future?

(09-29-2019, 01:10 AM)GeoSn0w Wrote: Windows no. Planning to do a tool soon.
Linux kind of. Some linuxes don't seem to work (probably dependency issues).

Looking forward to a Windows version soon.
[font][font]cuando puse el comando ./ipwndfu -p me está dando este error No se detectó ningún dispositivo Apple en modo DFU 0x1227 después de 5,00 segundos de tiempo de espera. [/font][font]Salir[/font][/font]
-bash: /ipwndfu: No such file or directory

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