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Full Version: jb for a12 on 12.4.1
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hai , i’m late for the 12.4 windows,i have enough money to buy the ipad pro 2018 just a day before the window close, and by the time it arrive , apple close the window, althought i think i manage to got the ipad pro which production date is at august which apple should use the 12.4 for the ipad , but seems that apple did not ship the ipad pro 2018 with 12.4 version, it came with os 12.3.1 , so i follow your advice to wait at 12.4.1 for now , and i know that there some guyannounce gonna release the tfpo for a12 12.4.1. but do you have any idea , when it will possible be release?
In a couple of months, unfortunately.