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Full Version: How to remove all jb files that can be detected by jb detection?
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[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]Hi guys until yesterday I had my iPhone X at 13.5 with odysseyra1n installed (not checkra1n just becouse there is an incompatibility between substrate and carplay that make the phone respring every 10 mins). Yesterday I decided to futurerestore to 14.3, so I first remove through cydia a lot of tweaks and after i do restore through checkra1n launcher and i made the backup. After I rejailbreak to set the generator and I futurestored. The problem is: when I restore my backup my bank app detect my jb (before with jb and my flex patch it worked), do you know where I have to search and destroy files with PlankFilza? Or where I can start?[/font]

[font="Noto Sans", Arial, sans-serif]I noticed that when i do checkra1n rootfs restore the app continues to detect my jb but when I did it long time ago with unc0ver it worked. Do you think it is possible to jb with checkra1n (skip PBR) and do a rootfs restore with unc0ver (the phone will be already exploited). Or how can i mount on my mac a clean 14.3 fs in order to check the file and delete the other with filza?[/font]
Solved. I first searched on filza in the root each file with cydia and sileo in the name. After I analyzed the whole clean file system of ios 14.3 mounting it on my Mac from the ipsw and deleted with filza some files dated 2017 and worked. Many thanks to Brandon Planck.
Could you write a step by step tutorial here please it might help a lot of people.