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Full Version: NEW iOS 14 Downgrade / Upgrade Tool FOR WINDOWS RELEASED! FutureRestore For Windows!
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In today's video, I have great news for those of you waiting for the release of an iOS Downgrade / Upgrade tool for Windows that supports your saved SHSH2 blobs. FutureRestore, the well-known tool from Linux and macOS has been updated to work with Windows and it's now available on GitHub making downgrades/upgrades on Windows now possible.

For now, the Windows version of FutureRestore supports A12 devices and lower. Theoretically, it works on iPhone XS, XR, iPhone XS Max, and lower, but the A12 support has not been tested yet. You should be careful what blob, SEP, and Baseband files you provide as the checks also don't run. It's still a very good step towards a proper iOS downgrade/upgrade solution for Windows.

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~ GeoSn0w

I have a iPhone 11 and running 13.4.1 with unc0ver and have my blobs saved for ios 14 to 14.3. how do i update to 14.3 and use unc0ver. I am have a mac book pro not windows