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Full Version: iOS 14.3 / 14.2 / 14 JAILBREAK Latest News: NEW Unc0ver Substitute Update, New Tools (Kernel) + More
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In today's video, we're discussing the latest iOS Jailbreak news for iOS 14.3 down to iOS 14.0, but also for iOS 12 because Chimera has been updated following Apple's release of iOS 12.5.1, and we're also discussing about a great new tool released for iOS 14 and iOS 13 that will aid Jailbreak Developers a lot. Unc0ver Team fixed their iOS 14 Substitute, finally, and they pushed a lot of updates.

Do keep in mind Unc0ver does not currently support iOS 14, but the Substitute, the core of Unc0ver which powers tweaks and themes, does, even on A12, A13 and A14 devices after the last update. This is particularly important because it means that once an exploit for iOS 14 is available and Unc0ver can be updated, tweaks would be able to run. This version of Substitute can also be used for CheckRa1n Jailbreak on supported devices.

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~ GeoSn0w