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Full Version: iOS 14.2 - 14 - How To Save SHSH2 Blobs For DOWNGRADE & JAILBREAK Without Computer (A12 / A13 Too!)
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In today's video, I will show you how to save the SHSH2 blobs for downgrade and jailbreak purposes on all devices, including the A12 and A13 ones, without a PC, directly from your device. For this, we're using a tweak called System Info. It's able to save SHSH2 blobs right from your Settings app on iOS.

SHSH2 blobs are a must if you are planning to downgrade for jailbreak purposes in the future. You can only save them while a specific iOS version is signed, and usually, when a version is signed it is not jailbreakable. However, by the time it becomes jailbreakable, it's no longer signed by Apple so upgrades and downgrades to that version become impossible. If you have SHSH2 blobs saved while it was signed, you can downgrade and upgrade to it freely as long as SEP and Baseband are compatible. It's highly recommended to save your blobs.

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~ GeoSn0w

Now I'm Jailbroken on iOS 13.5 + shsh blobs saved for 14.3 I need a step by step tutorial for windows, so I can migrate to iOS 14.3. Is there any good tutorial?