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Full Version: Most Important iOS 14 Features To Update For & How To Install iOS 14 With Dr.Fone (For Beginners)
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In this video, I will show you some of the biggest changes in iOS 14 and iOS 14.0.1 that you may want to consider before updating. These are some of my favorite features Apple added in iOS 14 (likely inspired by jailbroken devices running tweaks), and I will also show you how to use Dr.Fone, a tool created by Wondershare, to update safely to iOS 14 with just a few clicks.

This video is mostly geared towards beginner iOS uses. If you are interested in jailbreaking your device, you should not update to iOS 14 no matter how much you like its features. Most of the User Interface changes on iOS 14 can be achieved on a jailbroken device, so please wait. If you're NOT interested in jailbreaking your device, but you do want to have the latest and greatest iOS version, or you're interested in staying on the most secure version available, iOS 14.0.1 is currently the latest available and you may update to it.

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~ GeoSn0w