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Full Version: NEW iOS 13.6 / iOS 13.5.1 tfp0 Kernel Exploit (For JAILBREAK) WAS ACHIEVED! (Usable For Unc0ver)
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In today's video, we're discussing @_simo36's new #tfp0 kernel exploit that he has demonstrated on his Twitter account a few days ago, that seems to be a fully powered Kernel Task Port exploit for iOS 13.6 as well as iOS 13.5.1, which would definitely be useful to update the #Unc0ver Jailbreak, including for A12 and A13 devices (iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, iPhone 11 and 11 Pro).

The exploit demonstrated works with the latest signed iOS version, and therefore it cannot be released just yet (that would mean releasing 0day), so we probably have to wait for iOS 13.6 to stop being singed, or at least for a patch for the underlying kernel bug to be released by Apple before we can expect a release. However, if this gets released, updating Unc0ver would be pretty easy, especially with Brandon Azad's upcoming PAC bypass techniques.

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~ GeoSn0w