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Full Version: How To Convert Videos / Audio / Photos & Transfer Them To iOS 13.5 / 13/ 12 / 11 (With UniConverter)
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In this video, I am going to show you how to convert video files, audio files, images, and so on, on Mac or Windows so that you can transfer them to your iOS device running iOS 13, iOS 12, or iOS 11. We're going to use a program called UniConverter to accomplish this task. The UniConverter is a powerful toolkit containing a lot of built-in features. Some of these features include video conversion into a plethora of formats ranging from the most common and used ones, all the way down to the most unknown formats in existence.

There is also an online version of the UniConverter which is available on Wondershare's website, that does exactly what the desktop version can do, but you can use it regardless of the operating system you have, so the online version works even on Linux. The software also includes a built-in DVD / CD writer feature, it has a fully-featured screen recorder capable of recording your screen at 60fps, 1080p which is plenty good enough, and it also supports fixing the metadata of various media files. 

Overall, UniConverter is a very versatile application containing a plethora of tools to aid in conversion, editing, transferring, and manipulation of media files of all kinds of formats. The ease of transferring to your iOS device by just a single click makes the software very useful for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users, as iTunes is notoriously known for being hard to use and for lacking easy transfer solutions. Overall, highly recommended piece of software.

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~ GeoSn0w