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Full Version: iOS 12.4.5 iPad Air 1st gen
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Hi I was wondering if there was any other jailbreaks other than checkra1n for iPads on iOS 12.4.5

I ask this because I’m not sure if my iPad auto updated but I know it was jail broken at one stage as I have Cydia, however I cannot think of what I used to jailbreak it wether it be chimera or unc0ver but none support 12.4.5

How come this version is not included in recent jailbreak updates and is there an alternative to checkra1n as my iPad hangs on jailbreaking every time try and no matter how I try either windows or Mac (both VMware and hackintosh) even rainUSB

hai , do you got solution yet?
i'm at 12.4.4 and can not seem to get the chechra1n work, alreeady try to reset and restore with no luck, is it possible that there's no support for ipad air beyond os 12.3?
There is support up to 12.5.5 I believe, I updated to 12.5 and was able to jailbreak using unc0ver at the time. Still works now but the iPad Air 1st gen is now super slow from all the updates it has had over the years. Best to chop it in and grab yourself a nice iPad 7th gen or something which is a lot faster and will be jailbreakable in checkrain too.