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Full Version: How To Build An iOS 13 / 12 JAILBREAK From Scratch: Getting Started With tfp0 Exploits (E1)
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In this video, we're getting started with developing an iOS 13.3 all the way down to iOS 12 Jailbreak from scratch using #tfp0 kernel exploits. This is going to be a series in which I am going to teach you how to code your own jailbreak step by step for the most recent iOS versions and devices. In this video we're gettings started with iOS Jailbreak development, we get to know what tfp0 kernel exploits are and what they do, and we get to set up our development environment.

It's important to understand well the components of a jailbreak, and the tfp0 kernel exploit is the foundation of the jailbreaks nowadays. Without it, there is no jailbreak because without tfp0, there is no Kernel Memory Read / Write, and therefore no patches. It's also important to understand which exploits work on which iOS versions and why, all of which is explained in this video. The next episode soon.

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~ GeoSn0w

Sorry realized their is a support section but o can’t delete thy is for some reason will repost on their
Hello love your video and waiting on part 2 but I get this error
[!] exploit started!
[i] offsets selected for iOS 12.0 or above
[i] page size: 0x4000, (os/kern) successful
[+] initialized IOSurface
[i] detected SMAP device
[-] failed to leak our task port address!

Can you please help thanks
FYI I’m on iPhone XR iOS 13.4
Is that the problem?