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Full Version: Nonce Setter for checkra1n devices
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Hello everyone!
With the nonce setters on checkra1n only being available for a limited amount of supported devices I would like to share what I have found to work and I successfully used on my iPhone 6s.  It's a Cydia tweak called Generator Auto Setter released by halo_michael.  You may install this tweak by adding his Cydia repo

to use simply download the Generator Auto Setter 
if you don't have a terminal application installed like New Terminal install it too 
launch your terminal application on your iPhone and run these commands 
password for most is alpine if you did not change it 
after that your generator will be set on checkra1n devices and you may downgrade with your shsh blobs using futurerestore 
here's what it looks like in terminal on iPhone 

freaking-iPhone:~ mobile$ su                      
freaking-iPhone:/var/mobile root# setgenerator    
tfp0: 0xF07                                      
kbase: 0xFFFFFFF023B40000                        
kslide: 0x1CB3C000                               
sec_cstring_start: 0xFFFFFFF023B704C8, sec_cstring_sz: 0x4C477                                     
sec_text_start: 0xFFFFFFF023BF0000, sec_text_sz: 0x5EB1B0                                          
allproc: 0xFFFFFFF02425F850                      
our_task: 0xFFFFFFE002554200                     
nonce_serv: 0x1507                               
nonce_conn: 0x2907                               
ipc_port: 0xFFFFFFE00186F090                     
nonce_object: 0xFFFFFFE0005C3020                 
boot_nonce_os_symbol: 0xFFFFFFE00073B020         
nvram_serv: 0x290F                               
ipc_port: 0xFFFFFFE002D6B090                     
nvram_object: 0xFFFFFFE000690DA0                 
of_dict: 0xFFFFFFE00081D650                      
os_dict_cnt: 0xA                                 
os_dict_entry_ptr: 0xFFFFFFE002F7CF00            
key: 0xFFFFFFE0006D2FE0, value: 0xFFFFFFE002EE85A0                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE000803D60, value: 0xFFFFFFE00081ED60                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE0006D1080, value: 0xFFFFFFE00081D500                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE0006D3060, value: 0xFFFFFFE00081EE80                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE0006D1140, value: 0xFFFFFFE00081D560                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE0006D1380, value: 0xFFFFFFE00081D590                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE0006D2D80, value: 0xFFFFFFE0008589C0                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE00065C5E0, value: 0xFFFFFFE00081EE50                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE0006D11C0, value: 0xFFFFFFE0006D11A0                                                 
key: 0xFFFFFFE00073B020, value: 0xFFFFFFE002FE6EE0                                                 
os_string: 0xFFFFFFE002FE6EE0                    
string_ptr: 0xFFFFFFE002FE5900                   
Set nonce to 0x1111111111111111                  
freaking-iPhone:/var/mobile root# 

I hope this helps
Thank you.