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Full Version: A13 SHSH 2 blobs
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Where can I save A13 SHSH2 blobs? TSS saver only goes up to the iPhone XS and Xr series. I have my apnonce saved.
I have found the site https://shsh.host/ ... can anyone tell me if this is a trusted site for shsh2 blobs. I know I’m ahead of the curb here I just want to start saving my blobs now for my iPhone 11. When the time comes I want to be on the latest iOS version unc0ver supports updating only when the jailbreak is released and when my favorite tweak carbridge is working for that iOS version.

Let me know if anyone is interested in me posting my results for SEP and Baseband compatibility for iOS upgrading and downgrading to unsigned versions. Right now I’ve tested my iPhone 6s on a downgrade from iOS 13.3.1 to 13.3 and it worked. I have an iPhone 6s and X and 11 to test. Obviously I’ll be doing most of the testing on the X and 6s because of checkra1n compatibility.