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Full Version: Upgrading A12 with Blobs and issues 12.x -> 13.3
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I am currently running unc0ver on my ios 12.0 xs max and would like to upgrade to 13.3

I have been trying to upgrade with futurerestore with my shsh blobs and included the latest sep, lastest baseband and buildmanifest from 13.3.1 with no luck. 

The error I received was the apnonce ticket did not match, meaning my shsh blobs I saved did not meet the correct requirements. 

Upon further research I discovered that shsh blobs saved without manually setting the apnonce was considered useless because of a new security feature apple implemented called "nonce entangling" - ONLY FOR A12/A13. I have now saved my latest blobs with the "new method" for a12 but that only updates my blobs for 13.3.1 and above only. 

My real question was if I could some how modify my old blobs or if anyone knows how I can upgrade from 12 to 13.3 with old blobs but modified?
I think your screwed on a12 and higher. Continue to save blobs with your apnonce specified and you’ll be able to update to a non signed version once unc0ver is updated for higher than iOS 13.3
Hi there, i have saved blobs for 12.4 for A12, is there any way i can use future restore to downgrade or i have to be jailbroken on A12 to restore custom ios.
Thank You